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The Chief’s Energy Challenge was a call to action from the fire chiefs of Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh to their peers across the nation to reduce energy use in their operations. 20 Fire Service leaders from across the country took the challenge and committed to reducing the energy use in their departments. As of July 2015 the Challenge is no longer soliciting participants, however we encourage fire service employees to explore the information on our website, and to check out EPA Energy Star for more information.

Orlando, Florida

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Fire departments around the country have already implemented low- or no-cost strategies that have reduced energy consumption as well as energy bills

These videos tell the stories of  how other fire stations have accepted the challenge, the results they have realized, and how you can get started. Click here to see the videos…

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City of Durham Makes Impact with Fluorescents

The City of Durham cut its lighting-related electricity consumption by two-thirds by replacing approximately 80% of incandescent bulbs with fluorescent fixtures.